Re: glibc 2, and Linux 2.x

Matthias Urlichs (
31 Jul 1997 11:40:59 +0200

Teunis Peters <> writes:
> Sure wish glibc could keep up with the kernel.
It's intended to, at least the parts that are applicable to more than one
program. For instance, it's reasonable to expect modutils or e2fsprogs to
have some difficulty adapting to glibc, but things like ping should get
along without requiring any kernel headers. Which is a Good Thing.

> Hrm - is there any plans to make glibc releases MUCH faster so glibc can
> keep up with kernel? huh huh please? (I mean - the include files should
> NEVER change in glibc unless some bug is found. But the linux-lib
> interface might change a lot so....)
There's a stable and an experimental version of Linux, as well as of glibc.
You can probably expect both sets to stay roughly in sync.