Re: Developing under NDA

Erik Andersen (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 21:09:16 -0600

On Jul 30, Andrew E. Mileski wrote
> > One thing to worry about, assuming this would be against 2.1.X, is that
> > I am working on a major update to the kernel cdrom support.
> Well I've already started working on UDF filesystem support, which
> includes a major update to ISO9660 support. I've been in touch with
> Gordon "Mr. Joliet" Chaffee about this.
> example: a fs can be a bridge that has both UDF [ISO13346 subset]
> and ISO9660, or UDF fs can be converted into an ISO9660 compatible
> fs by adding a few descriptors.
> I'll keep an eye out for your stuff, and see how much of it I can use.
> --
> Andrew E. Mileski

If you would like to take a look at my current snapshot, I have placed
a copy at
The real meat of the CD include file reorg is now done. I have most
of the documentation updated correctly, but I have probably missed a
few minor documentation things. I have tested this against 2.1.47
and compiled _all_ of the cdrom drivers successfully. Expect something
about like this soon in a development kernel near you.

Please note that to apply this patch you will want to use the "-E"
option to patch to remove empty files. The general plan I am working
on here is the grand unification of all cdrom stuff. Please let me
know what you think, and give it a whirl. Comments, suggestions,
and patches, are VERY welcome.


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