Re: Does the K6-PR233ANR work with Linux 2.0.30 and ASUS TX97-XE

Bill Hawes (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 03:20:24 +0200 (MET DST)

> Is there anybody who is using a K6-233 cpu with a TX97-XE motherboard
> and running linux 2.0.30?

Not exactly : a K6-200ALR with a TX97

> If you do: Does it work fine for you?

Not when I use 64 Mb. It works fine with 32 Mb.

> I'm getting signal 11 errors when trying to compile the kernel on such
> a sytem.

Same thing here.

> I have 10ns/100MHZ SDRAM memory and everything works fine when I
> substitute and Intel 133 CPU and run it at 75Mhz bus speed with a clock
> multiplier of 2 (150Mhz wheeee!)

I have tried with a Cyrix P200+, a P200, a P133, a P100, and 3 different K6 :
I get signal 11 errors with all K6 (tried all multipliers and bus speeds, even
50x2...) when the K6 uses 64 Mb, and none if the processor is not a K6 or the
uses only 32 Mb.

I have tried 4 motherboards (2 TX97, 1 TX97-XE and a Gigabyte with a HX
chipset) with the same result : K6 && 64 Mb <==> sig11

If I boot with mem=32M, the K6 works very well at 208 Mhz (on the TX97-XE,
with EDO), at 233 and 225 (on the TX97, with the SDRAM sold with the

> But that does seem to indicate that the motherboard, cache and memory
> are all working fine. When I decrease the bus speed to 66Mhz and put th=
> e
> K6-233 in (with proper clock multiplier of 3.5) then I get kernel
> compile errors.

I have also tried to tweak bios settings, to disable the write allocate
feature, to disable bus-mastering, to play with voltage settings, to
use 2.1.46 ;-), to use Redhat instead of Debian :-( and it does not change

The only thing that works a little is modify the kernel to allocate buffers
in the lower 32 Mb. But I still get a few seg11. Putting a 32 Mb ramdisk
in the upper 32 Mb works, but it is not fun :-(

> AMD just kind of told me to use an AMD approved motherboard, which the
> TX97-XE is not (at this time).

The TX97-X is approved.

> So I'ld like to gather some data points
> to confirm that others are using the TX97-XE motherboard and the K6 to
> perfection with linux.
> A quick yes or no will do.

My K6-225 with only 32 Mb is quite faster than the PPro-200 with 64 Mb I
use at work, so I can't say no...

-- Benoit Poulot-Cazajous