Re: PentiumII's.

Kurt Huwig (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 20:46:27 +0200 (CEST)

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, System Email wrote:
> My company needs a couple new servers to handle a large volume of live
> video compression/encryption. I am not even sure if Linux supports the new
> PentiumII MMX chips at all let alone SMP. To start I think 1 PII 300mhz
> chip will do, but I would like to buy a board capable of handling at least
> two cpu's. Does linux support PentiumII's (does it work?) Secondly does
> SMP Linux work wiht a Pentium II? and if so what would be the best board
> to get for this.

(All of the writing below is my personal opinion and unter the licence
'correct me if I'm wrong', because I'm not too deep in hardware)

As you said you are using Linux, I guess you have sources for the

Have you ever thought of getting an Alpha? Based on a benchmark in a
German computer magazine (c't), the Alpha-533MHz is about 4 times faster
in floating point as a PPro with 233MHz. If you want integer arithmetics,
the K6 beats the PPro.

The only thing that is really faster with MMX is the Intel Media Benchmark
and a small speedup due to the larger L1 cache. As I think, the P-II is
just the logical consequence of the poor rate of 'good' PPro chips in the
production due to the large integrated cache which made the die unusable
if a certain amount of the cells failed.

Last and least, the P-II just caches 64MB of RAM.


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