Re: HPFS filesystem problems

Glenn C. Hofmann (
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:46:36 -0400

Bill Hawes wrote:
> Glenn C. Hofmann wrote:
> > Now, I can compile with hpfs, it mounts, but it gives an oops when
> > trying to get a directory listing. I don't know who specifically is
> > working on this part, but here is what info I can get about what is
> > happening.
> Hi Glenn,
> I took a look at the hpfs code, and the attached patch should help fix
> your problem. I don't have an HPFS partition to test this with, but it
> compiles very nicely :-)
> Regards,
> Bill

Thanks for the patch, but it didn't patch correctly. I got the message
"4 out of 4 hunks failed" when I tried. Did I do something
incorrectly? From the /usr/src/linux directory I just typed "patch -p0
<hpfsptch.c" Let me know what you think. Again, thanks for your help.