Re: System crashes without any warning

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29 Jul 1997 22:15:32 +0200 (Stephan Austermuehle) writes:

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> Hello,
> I've some trouble with Linux pre-2.0.31-2 on our Dual-P5 system
> (GA586DX board, 96 megs of RAM, 128 megs of swap, 1x SCSI disk, 2x
> EIDE disk running as RAID0 using the md driver). When the system is
> very busy (satlink feeding articles to INN, expire, and backup to DAT
> are running) it suddenly freezes. The only way out is to reset the
> system -- and wait 'til fsck is ready with our 12 gig news spool
> directory.
> There is no warning, ooops, or any other message on console, nor in
> the syslog files indicating where I have to seek. Maybe it's a kernel
> problem with swap or SMP?
> Stephan
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Had a very similar problem on a box of (sort of) ours used only for
routing and firewalling, really.

SomeOne (tm) installed pre-2.0.31-2 + all sorts of bellsnwhistles on
it, and the following night it would simply lock up without any
comment, logged or displayed. Again, the next night. And the next
morning. And 20 minutes later. Installed 2.0.29, alls well ever since.

The HW is pretty basic, P100, 32M, NCR, 2x ISA Ethernet, BOCA serial,
Trident console video.

Found no other problems, so there appears to be at least one kernel
bug related to this introduced in 2.0.30 or later.

So long,

Joachim Breuer
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