Re: Msdos patch for aliased names

H. Peter Anvin (
29 Jul 1997 00:56:11 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Linus Torvalds <>
In newsgroup:
> Instead, could we maybe just simplify the canonicalization of msdos
> filenames? Simplify it enough that name_translate_char() would be
> sufficient? The rules would be:
> - no suffix -> no dot
> - basename > 8 characters -> can't happen
> - forget about hidden files and the prepending '.'
> None of the above rules are very fascistic - they'd simplify things a lot,
> and I think the old logic is too complex to be really worth maintaining.
> Linus

There is some benefit, though, to using the same canonicalization
rules as MS-DOS itself, and MS-DOS' rules are *very* liberal. Maybe
the right thing to do is to allow name_translate_char() to shorten the
name (I don't know of any case where the name can actually grow in

As far as hidden files go, though, I agree completely. They should be
handled through a setflags/getflags interface (as should the ext2


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