Re: FAT/VFAT/FAT32 reimplimintation...

James Mastros (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 19:53:33 -0400

At 08:54 AM 7/28/97 +0200, you wrote:
>> A) For normal files, the default is the same as the mountpoint, but a-x.
>So you won't be able to execute shell scripts and true Linux binaries
>off a DOS partition.
You have a point; but having everything executible is nearly as bad...

I would say that it should check for executibles by file magic (look for a
ELF header/a.out header/script header), execpt that (1) I can't go through
binfmt_* to check (I don't think there is a simple function to check if a
file can be executed without acatualy executing it, I'm not in Linux now,
check later...) (2) many scripts don't have a #! magic, but rely on the
shell to exec them. (3) It feels like it would slow stuff down to much.

I could use some of the reserved bits to store full unix permisions/owner,
but (1) I don't know if there are enough. (2) Microsoft might use them
for somthing eventuly.

>> 3) I'm planing on, eventually, making .lnk files work as symlinks...
>Do you know the format of these files? As far as I can tell, this
>is OLE structure storage of monikers...
That much I knew, but that's all. I was planning on trying to guess... I
took a look a while ago, and it looked like the filename was at a fixed
offset, and the rest I can just throw out.

>> F) If you use the .lnk->symlink mount option, files with the .lnk
>> extention will have it striped. If you don't, they won't
>So you are risking files with duplicate names in the same directory.
Ouch. I hadn't thought of that.

>> 5) I am in desperate need of a good reference to the fatish (sounds kinda
>> kinky!) filesystem layout... (the directory entries, esph...) (Free is much
>> preferable, I'm a starving highschool student... (OK, I'm starving because
>> I can't concrantrate on eating...
>Have you checked Ralf Brown's interrupt list?
I know what your speaking of, and though I have seen it before, that was 3+
years ago, and I can't seem to find it (but I havn't looked much yet).

>Good luck,

Thanks for the feedback,
James Mastros