Re: PGCC and the kernel

Jeffrey Hundstad (
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:10:12 -0500 (CDT)

On 28 Jul, Michael L. Galbraith wrote:
> On 28 Jul 1997, John Twilley wrote:
>> I'm using the newest version of PGCC I can find. Here's the version
>> string:
>> gcc driver version 2.7.2p snapshot 970522 executing gcc version 2.7.2p
>> I'd like to know if there are any tweaks I should make to kernel
>> makefiles other than changing '-O2' to '-O6 -frisc'.
> WARNING WILL ROBINSON!! (violent waving of mechanical arms)
> You should be VERY careful when using a BETA compiler to compile your
> Linux tree. Versions newer than 522 have a bug which MAKES THIS
> COMPILER UNUSABLE (excuse the shouting please). Living on the edge has
> certain problems that go with it.. this is one of them. 522 works pretty
> well (mostly excellent) BUT, don't expect it to work at anything above O2.
> If there are any folks out there who know how compilers work.. and have
> interest, please feel free to take a look at this.. it kicked the SNOT
> outta my little butt :)=)

I've compiled all of libc, libg++,, perl, tcl/tk, linux-2.0.30,
etc. etc. using 2.7.2p snapshot 970628 most of these with -O2 and
haven't had ANY problems that I can attribute to the compiler.
Ocasionally I'll get a compiler error and will have to compile A SINGLE
FLIE with the standard gcc but I think with beta compilers you
should EXPECT some of this.

-Jeffrey Hundstad