Re: Large Distributed Linux Networks

B. James Phillippe (bryan@Terran.ORG)
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 13:10:51 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I don't want to make a huge issue out of this, but I'm wondering
> > how many people are building large distributed networks on top of Linux,
> > and what luck/experiences they've had. By distributed, I mean using
> We are distributing user data over a wide area network however we are not
> using NIS (too insecure) or NFS (target practice ;)).

I concur that NIS/NFS are poor choices for WAN's. However, they lend
themselves well to be used for localized, internal nets such as
development labs. I've pondered using them with VPN of some sort, also,
although I havn't had an opportunity to try yet.

> > FWIW, using libc-5.4.33 and ypclients-2.2-970318 seems to make a fairly
> > decent NIS implementation. But I've never been able to keep even the
> > latest AMD up with it for more than 47 days.
> Alas on AMD I can't help

Thanks though. I am almost convinced that my only remaining stability
concerns are tied into AMD. Using the above mentioned software versions
provides a pretty decent NIS setup. Broadcasting, binding, etc. all work
well. But AMD seems to eventually trip over itself, causing all reads
under it to block indefinitely. Which really sucks. :(

I've been watching autofs since incarantion and am very optimistic. Only
caveat is that it's against 2.1.


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