Re: FAT/VFAT/FAT32 reimplimintation...

James Mastros (
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 18:59:52 -0400

At 12:23 AM 7/28/97 +0200, =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Tomasz_K=B3oczko?= wrote:
>On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, James Mastros wrote:
>> 2) I'm not going to support umsdosish stuff.
>Patch for uvfat (if I rememer) exist.
>Why ? What with Xdenu, Mini Linux and other fat (vfat) embeded Linuxes
>instaled by uncompresing arj/zip files ?
>I known many people whitch start moving from win*/dos to Linux by
>instaling xdenu or other.
>Why you can stop this .. ? ? ?

I'm not going to support umsdos/uvfat (or it will be dead last on my
priority list) because I don't use it. In my view, fatish filesystems
should be used to access data that you need to get to from a non-ext2
supporting OS, like DOS. I don't know what you meen about uncompressing
arj/zip files (IE what this has to do with uvfat)... and I have never
heard of xdenu (looking it up now...) ahh... "With Xdenu you can easily use
your PC as Xterminal." -- What does this have to do with umsdos/uvfat?
Remember that this is not designed to replace the existing
msdos,vfat,umsdos,uvfat... filesystems. This is a learning tool for me,
and it will likely be many months (years, even)... untill this is anything
close to ready to use on a not-ready-to-have-daily-crashes system. I'm not
even going to use it myself for mainstreem stuff, I'm going to register the
"fatish" fs, to avoid any name-clashes...

As an aside, I thought of 2 things I forgot to mention...
1) I'm planning to use the cluster-number of the first cluster of the file
as the inode number...
Does anybody see a problem with this? Other than that you wouldn't be able
to defrag a mounted fatish filesystem... but as I like to say "deal."

2) Yes, I know that these messages are back-dated by a week... don't ask.

-=- James Mastros