Re: Strange Network behavior

Alan Cox (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 20:36:07 +0100 (BST)

> address is, netmask is Why would it be
> ARPing a broadcast address? In principle, with a netmask of,
> the broadcast address should be, but many machines use
> the broadcast address of each 'C' subnet, i.e., 40.255, 41.255, 42.255, etc.

So you have your machine misconfigured. Or they have theirs wrong. One of
the two. Either they have their netmask wrong OR you should have yours as
.255 and route to the other networks via a router or by having alias
addresses to each network

> ARPing these addresses? It seems real strange. The ARP cache contains
> these addresses, put there I think, when the machine was configured for
> routing and transparent proxy:

Heard, learned and refreshed occasionally.

> I think that these addresses are being `expired` and the network
> code attempts to `refresh` them by sending the ARP who-is message
> on the LAN. If so, this might be a tiny bug.

No thats regarded as "the right technique" nowdays - you'll see cisco
routers do the same thing.