Re: undelete?

Andrew E. Mileski (
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 01:16:25 -0400 (EDT)

> > Indeed, this creates need for a 'de-fragmentation-tool' for Linux. I tried
> > defrag-0.6, but it simply crashed (I know that ext2 doesn't want to
> > fragment...)
> Last I tried to recompile defrag-0.6, it didn't like the vaguely-modern
> kernel includes...I think I sent the ext2 Lord High Guru and Fixer some
> email, but never got anything back. *shrug* Anyway, I didn't see a
> binary at the time, but the compile errors were about struct members
> that went away, so I'm not surprised that your binary fell to software
> rot...

Hmmm...I think Ted T'so has indicated in the past what the necessary fixes
are. I seem to recall he even responded to an e-mail of mine, and explained
what needed to be done [which I've completely forgotten].

Ted has been great to me, and only blown-up once at me [which he apologized
for, and explained himself]. He's done so much for Linux, and _IS_ doing
so much for Linux (it seems hard to find much code around that he's not
touched). I'm not surprised that maintaining a mostly unused package
like defrag is low on his priority list.

Some drawbacks of being a guru, so I've heard, is that you get to answer
the same questions and deal with the same complaints 10,000 times. Even
Mother Theresa might want to pick up an Uzi at that point.

Andrew E. Mileski