mainly success with 2.1.47

Shaw Carruthers (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 21:28:36 +0100

I have run up 2.1.47 on my system to try it out. Apart from changes to
ip routing I am running the same configuration under 2.0.29 & 2.1.47 (
using latest recommended software revisions).

Everything I use is working just fine( including TX chipset) apart from

/var/log/syslog:Jul 25 11:16:38 shawc insmod:
/lib/modules/2.1.47/misc/msdos.o: unresolved symbol fat_delete_inode

and the following.

I use diald/ppp/chat for ISP connection. Under 2.1.47 every second chat
script fails with 'No Carrier'. Looks like the modem is not reset or
there is garbage on the port.

also my standard pc lp port is not recognised

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