Re: fmount system call

Martin von Loewis (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 16:46:52 +0200

> It sad, but it is a bit more difficult with smb. The server is allowed
> to kill the connection when the client is idle. The server decides
> whether to kill connections, there are no rules, and there is no way
> to prevent it. When it has been killed, you have to perform the
> complete login procedure again. So my current design consists of a
> daemon that only waits for a SIGUSR1 being issued by smbfs. The daemon
> then logs in and passes the fresh file descriptor to smbfs via an
> ioctl.

So if you have a demon anyway, why do you need smbmount to perform
strange tricks?

> > The kernel then checks whether the file system supports user mounts,
> > and proceeds mounting it.
> What exact rules do you have in mind?

Well, the policy would be up to the file system. In your case, it may
ask the demon if necessary. If the file system returns true for some
function, the user mount may proceed. Policy might be a configuration
option, like globally allowing user mounts of smb, or globally denying