Re: undelete?

Kurt Huwig (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 01:27:39 +0200 (CEST)

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> >Is anyone working on an 'undelete'-feature for ext2 or better any
> >filesystem? I don't need 'rm' replacements, because I want to undelete
> >files deleted by samba.
> >The easiest solution might by a fs on top of another fs that is fully
> >transparent, but replaces 'delete' by a move into a certain directory.
> That's *exactly* the wrong solution. Please, get an rm-replacement
> (yes, I read your mail), and let Samba use it, after all, you
> have the source. There is no reason to have this in the kernel
> (another fs)...
> It *would* be nice to have ext2fs able to undelete files, but
> it's not really necessary, as it can be done in userpsace always,
> even without recompiling samba, just replace the unlink call
> with a shared library stub, and you have it automatically for the
> *whole* system, rm included.

Ok, I make myself perfectly clear:

I'm running a fileserver and want to implement something like 'salvage'
from Novell. This utility lets you undelete files that have been deleted
before. Therefore, I need this not only for 'samba', but for 'nwserv',
'rm', 'ftp' etc.

Also, I'm not only fixed to ext2, because I allow mounting MS-DOS
formatted disks, HFS formatted disks etc.

So I think of a 'layer' between the kernel and any filesystem that
modifies just 'unlink' commands.

There is something like this with 'secure/encrypted' filesystems. The only
reason for my mail was to find out if something like this does
already exist.


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