v2.1.47: lp/parport problems...

Meino Christian Cramer (mccramer@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de)
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 09:52:36 -0000 (???)

Hi kernelistics! ;-)

There is a problem under 2.1.47 with the parport and/or

If have tried all meaningful combinations of configurations
of *PARPORT* and *PRINTER* settings. Nothing work, the best
I got was "printer offline" from lpd.

As I decided to insert the code into the kernel, instead of
using modules, I got

drivers/block/block.a(genhd.o): In function `device_setup':
genhd.o(.text.init+0x5): undefined reference to `pnp_parport_init'

So, what is going wrong there? Have I done something wrong (I have no
idea, what...) or is there an error?

Thanks in advance!


LINUX...and where do you want to go *TOMORROW* ?

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <mccramer@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de>
Date: 26-Jul-97
Time: 09:52:36

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