Re: pre-p-2.0.31-2: out of virtual memory

Florian Weimer (
25 Jul 1997 20:09:02 +0200


Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> > Programs (like Netscape) that leak horribly can often survive with
> > small fractions (say 8 MB out of a total of 50 MB) in core, since much
> > of the memory will never be touched again. If you want to use
> > Netscape for a long time without quitting and restarting it, you'll
> > need a decent amount of swap space ... :-)
> To add another data point, I'm pretty sure the virtual memory wasn't
> used up.
> This is a news server application, not luser apps like Netscape... :)

Are you using INN? innd tends to use a lot of memory. I've seen
reports that the innd process grew and grew in size, beyond 80 MB and
more. I don't know whether this has been fixed.