"ln -sf" failing

Florian La Roche (florian@knorke.saar.de)
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 19:29:37 +0200

I can sometimes see "ln -sf file newsymlink" failing that should replace
existing symlinks. (Though I don't have any strace available...)
"ln -f" seems to unlink() first, so I can't see any problem with this.

Do other people also see this? What is going on here?


Florian La Roche

P.S.: Puh, I have bootet 2.1.47 as my first 2.1.x-Kernel, I think.
Seems to be faster than 2.0. But that could be just the console
speedup, as the kernel is anyway too fast for me. :-)
I am starting to like 2.1.x. Keep it spinning round...