Re: undelete?

linux kernel account (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 23:15:27 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Kurt Huwig wrote:

> Hello!
> In the FAQ, I just found "please wait".
> Is anyone working on an 'undelete'-feature for ext2 or better any
> filesystem? I don't need 'rm' replacements, because I want to undelete
> files deleted by samba.

Do it in userspace! Modify samba or libc.. and let all of us enjoy the
high performance of ext2... Or make a logging filesystem and make the
highavailibity people happy.. But, if you insist on modifying ext2 for the
sole purpose of undeletion, you will probably be working alone.. But, I'm
sure there would be a few people who would use your patches..

Hmm, what work is being done on an ext2 replacement anyways? I doubt we
will ever see compression as anything other then patches.. And since it
breaks backwards compt if you use it I'm sure people would complain..

Maby there should be some thought on producing two new filesystems for
linux.. One as a logging system that is very reliable and maby not so
fast. and the other a triditional one with great performance... Both of
them maby with no ability to work on small drives.. (use ext2 for that)..
And maby both of them have the ability to talk with a userspace daemon
(ala kerneld) that could compress and decomress (maby 2 daemons for smp).
They could also do delayed compression ala Netware 4.x (I really like
netware's 'disuse' compression tacticts..).