Re: (Possibly OFFTOPIC) Driver for Adaptec AIC 7870 SCSI

Marcus Berglund (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 01:32:35 PDT

From: Sachin Garg <>
>Hi all,
>I am searching for a driver for an Adaptec AIC-7870 SCSI adapter card.
>have an old Slackware distribution with a kernel 1.2.13 on it and I
>to install it. I don't have access to a newer distribution and hance
>have to make do with this. Though, I have the newer kernels (2.0.29 and
>2.1.25). If there is someway I can make a slackware boot floppy from

There might be a 1.3.x kernel boot disk on the cdrom, otherwise, your
out of luck, I have an AHA-2940U and it took about a month to find the
disk on an ftp site so I could load it onto my drive, and at that stage
I had nothing but trouble, because it was an experimental kernel, and I
had no idea, but I don't have it anymore, and it doesn't seem to exist
on the site, so you might be out of luck.
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