Re: VFAT Filesystem Unrecognized

B. James Phillippe (bryan@Terran.ORG)
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 08:49:57 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, SethMeister G. wrote:

> Hi there,
> I have had this problem for a long time now, but I am just writing
> about it now (because I am fed up with it :)) -- I have a vfat filesystem
> that works just fine in windows 95, but does not want to work in linux.
> The error I get is the syslog is:
> [MS-DOS FS Rel. 12,FAT 16,check=n,conv=b,uid=0,gid=0,umask=077]
> [me=0xf8,cs=16,#f=2,fs=1,fl=168,ds=337,de=512,data=369,se=0,ts=717633,ls=512]
> Transaction block size = 512
> VFS: Can't find a valid MSDOS filesystem on dev 03:05.

Is the VFAT partition a FAT32 partition? Windows fdisk will tell you
that. I just ran into that problem yesterday. I needed to copy one
Windows 95 computer to a new hard drive, and there is no way to do it
under 95 so I stuck the drive in my Linux box, mounted it VFAT and made a
tar of it. Then I tried mounting the replacement disk as VFAT but it
wouldn't mount. I looked at the drive using Windows fdisk and saw that
when I formatted it under Windows, it had formatted the drive using FAT32.
I had to reformat it using a different Windows 95 (??) to get it to format
the drive using FAT16. Then it mounted and I unpacked my tar. It worked
perfectly as it should have using FAT16, but I never did get it mount when
it was FAT32. I looked through the mount otions for FAT and saw the
fat=12/16 option, but there was no fat=32 (I tried it anyway and it didn't

Is there a reason that FAT32 doesn't work with the VFAT fstype, other than
that support hasn't been added yet?


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