Re: 2.1.43 curious pipe-entries in / (root)

Kevin Buhr (
25 Jun 1997 17:28:39 -0500 (Alan Cox) writes:
> This is all well and good but has anyone considered the security implications
> and verified people cannot rm , open, or otherwise poke around with these
> pipes ?

Well, it wasn't my idea. ;)

The comment included in the new code states:

/* I hope this does not introduce security problems.
* Please check and give me response.

However, the pipes are created with permissions 600 and with the
"current->fsuid" and "current->fsgid" ownerships.

> Also what if / is read only

AFAIK, the pipes are inserted directly into the "dcache", so the
actual read/write status of the root directory shouldn't make a

Kevin <>