Re: ide/scsi cd-rom differences, ide ok, errors copying with scsi cd-rom

Gerd Knorr (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 18:00:03 +0200

>Is this a problem with the scsi sd-rom driver incorrectly initialising
>certain structures? There is obviously a difference between the structures
>initialised by the atapi/ide driver and scsi driver otherwise these messages
>wouldn't appear.

The cdrom driver does not fill any isofs structures. He just reads the
blocks, nothing else...

>Similar errors are apparent with some other cd's I have again with large

>kernel 2.0.30, pre-patch 2.0.31-2 + Gerard Roudier's buffer patch. System has
>64Mbytes dram which seems relevent to the kmalloc if it is trying to
>allocate physical memory. SCSI CD drive is an old Toshiba 3301.
Well, that's a real old one. It can not read XA (Form2) sectors, IIRC.
Maybe it gets confused by the Form1/Form2 switching logic in sr_photocd().
You could try to comment out the call to sr_photocd (in sr_open(), sr.c)
and see if it makes a difference. If this does not help, the drive is
probably just to old to read the CD-ROM.


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