procps-1.01 fix announcement [OFFTOPIC]

Jan Kratochvil (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 10:10:17 +0200 (MET DST)


I've made the long-awaited fix for procps-1.01 package to support the new
/proc/meminfo format introduced in recent 2.1.4X kernels. You probably already
have some sort of this fix but

1st I couldn't find any fixed package yet and
2nd Maybe this is somehow cleaner (tested with both 2.0.29 and

Keep hacking!
Jan "Lace" Kratochvil

You'll need to make the following symlinks by hand as the DIFF
format has no symlinks capability (at least I don't know about

ln -s ../proc/sysinfo.c procps-1.01/xcpustate/sysinfo.c
ln -s ../proc/sysinfo.h procps-1.01/xcpustate/sysinfo.h
ln -s . procps-1.01/xcpustate/proc

The DIFF can be found at

P.S.: Please check the xcpustate as it doesn't work for me even in the
original package. I didn't bother with tracking it down as I dislike this
X ugly stuff. Anyway, I think that I hadn't broken anything in it by this patch.

P.P.S.: Replies directly to me <> or <>
as this is a little bit offtopic to linux-kernel list, although it is
probably in interest for bleeding-edge ppl.