[DUPE MESSAGES] Re: User app corrupting buffer cache. (fwd)

Taner Halicioglu (taner@isi.net)
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 10:15:49 -0700 (PDT)

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Am I the only one that got 25 copies of this one message?

This was the most recent one... It's getting rather annoying.

Looks like his POP client is on drugs, actually.


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Mark Salter wrote:
> I am running into a strange problem where a user-level program
> is causing the buffer cache to be corrupted.

> Any comments or suggestions on how to track down this problem?

Sounds like an interesting bug :-)

A couple of suggestions:
(1) try using strace and see whether any system calls look funny
(strange arguments, unexpected failures.)

(2) Since you say the ps_app itself gets corrupted, set up a background
process to checksum the app every second or so. Then run ps_app under
the debugger and see if you can narrow down when the corruption occurs.

It's possible you're passing bad arguments to a system call and they
aren't being properly checked.


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