Re: Sync PPP layer

Matthias Urlichs (
28 Jun 1997 07:52:52 +0200

In dist.linux.kernel, article <>,
Tomasz Motylewski <> writes:

> nonsence! There is a need for a common synchronous interface and 2 example
> drivers using that interface - one "smart" and one "dumb". And than a little

Right (other than your spelling of "nonsense" ;-).
Note that we already have sync devices in the kernel (ISDN).

> modules feeding data from that interface to PPP, X.25, FR encapsulation

Plus, the HDLC code needs to be abstracted out of the PPP driver (i.e.,
split it in two independent modules). Right now the two ways to do sync ppp
are (a) rewrite the thing, or (b) encapsulate to async before converting
the data right back. Both ways are singularily silly.

Whoever does this could please tell the VanJ code to adjust the start of
the packet instead of copying the data. Thank you...

The current TTY code could conceivably be convinced to carry packet

> P.S. Anyone knows some better discussion forum for that problem? Is linux-net
> or linux-serial or linux-x25 more suitable for that discussion?
Anybody know of a few weeks I (or somebody else) could borrow to actually
do all this?

A good scapegoat is hard to find.
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