ppp / samba, oh and probs with glibc-2.0.4

Teunis Peters (teunis@usa.net)
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 09:44:35 -0600 (MDT)

ppp-2.2.0f and ppp-2.3.0 both fail on 2.1.43. Seg-fault.
So do all decent SQL servers (miniSQL works) with libc 2.0.4....
[dunno if the SQL server prob is glibc - prolly is though]

The seg-fault is with libc-5.4.23 as well. Takes out the kernel and

This is kinda important as I'm required to work on a Windows-based
network and haveta dialout to get mail..... <sigh>

Don't mind me but I'm REALLY frustrated. Been bughunting this beast for
a while.

Incidentally, glibc-2.0.4 has _REAL_ problems with mixing its include
files with the kernel.... (lotsa errors).

Just how many programs _DON'T_ do this?

I am slowly trying repairs but I haveta work so I don't have time to work
on this... too much time working on Java programming....

incidentally, anyone know of a Java dialog designer that works under linux?
(sorry - off-topic).

Samba / PPP work fine under 2.1.24.... [which is what I'm using].
[not under 2.1.28 - which crashes alla time anyways].

- Teunis