KERNEL: Swapping Kernel Pages

Randal Koene (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 19:40:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hi there,

Okay, now if this is the kind of question where you've been thinking: "If
one more person asks...", then please have mercy on me.

I've been going over the _old_ documentation to the Kernel's memory
management and the related sources, as well as the exception handlers.
And still it isn't clear to me what the actual reason is why Kernel pages
are taboo w.r.t. paging?

Theoretically of course anything but the paging-code&page-fault handler
can be paged out (and since Kernel code is usually clean, it doesn't even
need to be swapped out as such, just reloaded). Is it just an issue of
speed? If so, I'd think that a cunningly efficient method could be devised
to offer just that extra little bit of physical memory at the minimum
possible swapping speed cost.

I know that I know nothing, so all explanations are welcome!


PhD2, Neural Modeling Lab, Department of Psychology - McGill University