scsi-problem (phase change ?)

Hauke Johannknecht (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 00:42:59 +0200 (MET DST)


i have a "evil" problem here ...
it trashed some partitions 3 times now.

i am using kernel pre-2.0.31-1 updated with ncr-1.18f ...
scsi-host is a no-probs-till-now-NCR-810 with
5 devices attached.

ID 0 -- IBM-DCRS 4.5 GB (new in the system, maybe the troublestarter)
ID 1 -- Quantum LPS 105 (just dont ask ...)
ID 3 -- Seagate ST1600N (OLD, but works ...)
ID 5 -- Sanyo Quad-CDROM
ID 6 -- HP 6020i (now take a guess why i keep the seagate ...)

the ST got some heat-problems. but i
keep it for "buffer"-usage, most times
its powered down. so no prob.

the system trashed data on the DCRS in the last two days.
up to complete partition-corruption.

only relevant comment in syslog was something like

ncr53c810-0-<0,0>: phase change 2-7 6@00249c20 resid=2.
ncr53c810-0-<0,0>: phase change 2-7 10@0024962c resid=4.

seems to happen only if the system is running under
heavy load AND the ST is powered up some time ...

(can an overheated hdd data-kill another one via the scsi-bus ?)

questions now:
- WHAT are these errors ?
- WHY is it happening ?
- WHO is responsible ?
- HOW can i stop it ?

in hope for help,

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