2.1.43 non-SMP: reproducible "VFS: aging an empty inode"

Kevin Buhr (buhr@stat.wisc.edu)
21 Jun 1997 15:01:41 -0500

On a shiny new 2.1.43 non-SMP kernel, mounting my "/usr" partition
(which is on a RAID-0 "md" device) produces two (or sometimes more)
"VFS: aging an empty inode" messages. A forced "e2fsck" (version 1.10
using EXT2FS library version 1.10) on all partitions comes up clean.

Furthermore, I noticed the problem when something running last night
(most likely "updatedb") triggered a couple of the same messages.

Any thoughts? I assume there's a race condition somewhere.

Kevin <buhr@stat.wisc.edu>