Re: Booting Red Hat Linux 4 boot.img on AJP 6200 MMX LapTop ? [Anybody]

David C Niemi (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 12:51:40 -0400 (EDT)

>> uncompressing linux ... done
>> now booting kernel
>> console: 16 point foint font, 400 scans
>> console: colour VGA + 80x25 1 x virtual console (max 63)
>> pcibios_init: BIOS 32 Service Directory Structure at 0x000ec050
>> pcibios_init: BIOS 32 Service Directory entry at 0xee600
>> pcibios_init: PCI BIOS Revision 2.10 at entry 0xee63e
>> probing PCI hardware.
>> warning: Unknown PCI device (1039:4107) Please read
>> > include/linux/pci.h

>Your machine is dying probing things after the initial PCI scan - the
>1039:4107 is a PCI device Linux doesnt recognize and will thus ignore.

>Your machine is I suspect dying because the interrupt handling or memory
>mapping are non standard. Probably the latter - this could be due to non
>standard timer chips or other components.

>There is a tiny chance it is the PCI scan - perhaps a bug in the PCI bios.
>Get a kernel image with no PCI from someone and try that. That'll still
>boot a fairly functional system. If it works then there are patches to fix
>some compaq PCI bugs on - pray yours are the same.

I have another related idea. I just got a Compaq 6000 working, and the
problem seemed to be due to the SCSI and TLAN Ethernet controllers being
both on IRQ 11. The TLAN was an unknown device (the driver is not yet
written either) and if the kernel saw an interrupt from it it would likely
cause major confusion in the SCSI (aic7xxx) driver. So see if you can
ensure that nothing is sharing IRQs and see if that helps.

The symptom I saw was rebooting near the end of kernel initialization,
around the time the floppy driver was about to be started. Did your system
hang or reboot?

As for MMX, I believe it highly unlikely it is implicated here, probably
there is something else different in your laptop besides MMX, like a
different version of some PCI device from the non-MMX laptop.

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