Version 2.1.43

Richard B. Johnson (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 23:40:22 -0400 (EDT)

I built 2.1.43 on my SMP machine. There are some file-system problems!
I think I remember reading about this in the mail. They may have been
fixed in a pre-patch...but is down.

The problem I found was that, upon boot my startup script clears /tmp
by executing:

rm -r /tmp
mkdir /tmp
chmod 777 /tmp

Note that this was a shortcut because "X" makes a subdirectory in
"/tmp" and its size grows.

This seems to be a very __BAD__ thing to do with the new kernel! The
result is a unusable "file" called /tmp with some strange attributes!
It can't be removed, but it can be unlinked.

Subsequent reboot with the 2.1.42 kernel, and a e2fsck fixes the mess
with the previous contents of /tmp linked to lost+found.

So, for now I'm sticking with 2.1.42

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