IP Aliases not working? :-/

Taner Halicioglu (taner@isi.net)
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 08:58:05 -0700 (PDT)

Ok, maybe this isn't the most correct forum to ask this in, but I *think*
I'm performing the correct staps to get this working, but it seems to be

Kernel 2.1.43, 3com 3c509, IP Alias support compiled in (not a module)

[root]@boom:~ #cat /proc/net/alias*
type name n_attach
device family address

[root]@boom:~ #ifconfig eth0:0
SIOCSIFADDR: Invalid argument
Jun 20 08:46:53 boom kernel: net_alias_dev_create(eth0:0): unregistered family==2

ok, let's try another one

[root]@boom:~ #ifconfig eth0:1
SIOCSIFADDR: Invalid argument
Jun 20 08:53:52 boom kernel: net_alias_dev_create(eth0:1): unregistered family==2

Isn't family 2 AF_INET?

Anyway, please lemme know if I'm forgetting something, or simply smoking
too much crack.



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