2.1 Newbie boot bummer

Jonathan Corbet (corbet@atd.ucar.edu)
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 10:24:18 -0600

After living safe in the 2.0 world for some time, I decided it was time to
venture back onto the bleeding edge. It's always worked great for me in
the past.

No such luck this time, though. I built a 2.1.42 kernel (with SMP
removed from the Makefile), updated all the utilities like the web page
said to (except modules, evidently you need to be running the kernel
first), and told it to boot.

Here's what I get:

- Lilo talks as far as "now booting the kernel"

- Silence after that, even though the kernel is clearly booting.
All of the disk partitions get mounted, as evidenced by the
noises they make and the cleanup I have to do later.

- The world stops cold, and the machine needs to be reset.

Nothing I do seems to change this behavior. Even with "-b" on boot, it
still mounts everything and hangs.

So can some kind soul out there either (1) point out the stupid thing I'm
doing wrong, or (2) tell me at least how to get the kernel to tell me what
it's doing as it boots?

Many, many thanks,

Jonathan Corbet
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Atmospheric Technology Division
corbet@atd.ucar.edu http://www.atd.ucar.edu/rdp/jmc.html