Re: DANGER! (the undead rm can't die)

david (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 03:15:29 -0700 (PDT)

On 19-Jun-97 Ricky Beam wrote:
>In such a case, you have a real problem (tm)... Don't try to "rm" the
>damaged directory. Remove everything in the directory that can be
>safely deleted without causing more trouble, then 'unlink' the

Unfortunately, most system maintenance scripts and programs use "rm" and
don't understand how to hunt and check which files can be safely deleted.

And even worse, these scripts are usually in a crontab which means by the
time the administrator walks by the machine, dozens and dozens of these
locked rm's are running, and the system has such a high load average, it
is completely and utterly useless. You also cannot safely shutdown which
leads to even further FS corruption.

This manner of lacking an escape is a Bad Thing(tm) in my opinion.
Especially in the view that we're making linux to be better than That
Other OS(plural).

This is leading off topic now, and needs to make a sharp turn.

I am by no means a guru at this. I do have a trash HD that I am going to
be working on, and I will attempt to figure out what the problem is, and
possibly provide a solution. I welcome most whole-heartedly any helpful
comments, information, and other support in fixing this.

Anyone who can drop off pointers to help me along, please, by all means
do so.


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