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Thu, 19 Jun 1997 01:54:10 -0700

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Dan Merillat said:
> > Why not add the translated messages to the original ones ?
> > So the expert sees what he wants, and the user is also satisfied.
> > If the translation is optional the configuration, kernel and other
> > bloat is restricted to the ones who want the translation.
> Because the kernel currently has 10765 printk() statements, for over
> 600k. Even if we translated all (!) of them, to just 1 additional
> language, the kernel source tree would go up by over 1 meg!

There are ways around this. It's safe to assume that the printk's in the
base kernel tree will always be in English, forevermore. But it is a
relatively simple matter to write a program that hunts down printk()'s and
changes arguments that are string constants.

So, if someone is really interested in making a serious translation of
the majority of the printk strings, they might proceed as follows:

1) Do the translation work, in whole or in part.
2) Build a hash table, or just use gperf, to go from English strings to the new
3) Assemble a "kernel translation kit" which includes this hash and a program
that will hunt down the relevant English printk()'s and translate them.

This would make a nice-size downloadable add-on, far superior to a huge diff.

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