2.1.43 and pre-2.1.44-2: Ugh in do_page_fault

Henrik Storner (storner@osiris.ping.dk)
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 07:08:06 +0200 (MET DST)

Since installing 2.1.43 (and pre-2.1.44-2) I see
Ugh at c0111135
regularly in the logs. This is in do_page_fault:

$ gdb vmlinux
gdb> disassemble do_page_fault
Dump of assembler code for function do_page_fault:
0xc01110f0 <do_page_fault>: subl $0xc,%esp
0xc01110f3 <do_page_fault+3>: pushl %ebp
0xc01110f4 <do_page_fault+4>: pushl %edi
0xc01110f5 <do_page_fault+5>: pushl %esi
0xc01110f6 <do_page_fault+6>: pushl %ebx
0xc01110f7 <do_page_fault+7>: movl %esp,%eax
0xc01110f9 <do_page_fault+9>: andl $0xffffe000,%eax
0xc01110fe <do_page_fault+14>: movl %eax,0x18(%esp,1)
0xc0111102 <do_page_fault+18>: movl 0x3ac(%eax),%ebp
0xc0111108 <do_page_fault+24>: movl 0x3b8(%eax),%ebx
0xc011110e <do_page_fault+30>: cmpl $0x0,0xc01e1be4(,%ebx,4)
0xc0111116 <do_page_fault+38>: je 0xc011112a <do_page_fault+58>
0xc0111118 <do_page_fault+40>: pushl $0xc0111118
0xc011111d <do_page_fault+45>: pushl $0xc01ac48f
0xc0111122 <do_page_fault+50>: call 0xc0114eb0 <printk>
0xc0111127 <do_page_fault+55>: addl $0x8,%esp
0xc011112a <do_page_fault+58>: movzbl 0xc01c17ec,%eax
0xc0111131 <do_page_fault+65>: cmpl %eax,%ebx
0xc0111133 <do_page_fault+67>: jne 0xc011114c <do_page_fault+92>
0xc0111135 <do_page_fault+69>: pushl $0xc0111135

The system appears to run without any problems despite of this.
An odd thing is that is happens

1) Shortly after the system boots
2) Every time I pick up mail and news with uucp

System is an AMD 5x86-P75 (133 mhz 486), 32 MB RAM, NCR810
SCSI ... nothing really special. gcc, binutils

Henrik Storner <storner@osiris.ping.dk>  http://eolicom.olicom.dk/~storner/ 
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