Re: Kernel-Messages translation

Mikael Krantz (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 01:13:10 +0200

Kurt Huwig <> wrote:
> > > 1. There is a demand for translated kernel messages
> > There is also a bit of opposition against any such translations.
> Sure, there are folks against it. But in 'big' countries like France,
> Germany, Spain etc. english is not as wide spread as in 'smaller'
> countries, because we get native versions of Movies (I think this is
> different in Belgium; they have subtitles), native versions of programs

My point exactly... "Native" versions increase the linguistic
isolation, which is a Bad Thing. :-/

> > Translations should IMHO be implemented in "wet-ware" rather than
> > software.
> ???? Hardware = you can touch it, Software = you cannot touch it, Wet-Ware
> = flush it down the toilet?

Wet-ware == brain.

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