Re: analog of automount ?

Stefan Monnier (monnier+/news/lists/linux/kernel@TEQUILA.SYSTEMSZ.CS.YALE.EDU)
18 Jun 1997 18:19:50 -0400

sheldon newhouse <> writes:
> I have been looking throughout the linux commands for an analog of
> Solaris' autofs command. This is related to automountd which mounts and
> unmounts NFS filesystems as needed. The good thing for me is that one
> does not have to put up with long delays when booting a system which tries
> to mount a filesystem from an NSF server which is down.

There's an autofs patch for 2.0 kernels (built-in in 2.1 kernels) which
seems to work flwalessly but has the sometimes annoying limitation of not
knowing about the special /net mount point.

Else, there is the BSD automounter AMD (available on mostly any unix variant).
It is likely that AMD is already installed on your machine.