Re: Booting Red Hat Linux 4 boot.img on AJP 6200 MMX LapTop ? [Anybody]

Alan Cox (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 21:35:27 +0100 (BST)

> uncompressing linux ... done
> now booting kernel
> console: 16 point foint font, 400 scans
> console: colour VGA + 80x25 1 x virtual console (max 63)
> pcibios_init: BIOS 32 Service Directory Structure at 0x000ec050
> pcibios_init: BIOS 32 Service Directory entry at 0xee600
> pcibios_init: PCI BIOS Revision 2.10 at entry 0xee63e
> probing PCI hardware.
> warning: Unknown PCI device (1039:4107) Please read
> > include/linux/pci.h

Your machine is dying probing things after the initial PCI scan - the
1039:4107 is a PCI device Linux doesnt recognize and will thus ignore.

Your machine is I suspect dying because the interrupt handling or memory mapping
are non standard. Probably the latter - this could be due to non standard
timer chips or other components.

There is a tiny chance it is the PCI scan - perhaps a bug in the PCI bios.
Get a kernel image with no PCI from someone and try that. That'll still boot
a fairly functional system. If it works then there are patches to fix some
compaq PCI bugs on - pray yours are the same.