Re: st.o module bug

Paul Matthews (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 16:27:45 -0400

Jon Lewis wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Paul Matthews wrote:
> > workable set of options. There are two (apparently different)
> > UltraStor drivers, one known as ultrastor and the other as
> > u14-34f. For my UltraStor 34f the "u14-34f" driver simply
> won't
> > work. It is buggy. The "ultrastor" driver (that dates from
> > 1992/3) does work, but it will only work if it is compiled
> into
> Hmm...I'm running an Ultrastore 34f in my home system with the
> 34f driver
> from 2.0.27 (I think) and haven't noticed problems. I've got a
> 3gb DEC
> DSP5300, 2 CD's (one is an MBR-7 CD changer), 2 DAT's (one
> 2/4gb, one
> 4/8gb DAT autoloader) all attached to it. I boot from and do
> most of my
> work on IDE disks least at home.
> > Of course, the "st" driver is not trivial to use. It requires
> > very careful experimentation with the parameters shown in the
> > file and the use of a nonstandard mt package to get
> it
> > to work correctly.
> I've been using it (usually linked into the kernel, but recently
> as a
> module) with no obvious problems.

Great! Maybe you can help me to figure out how I can use this
driver as a module. Would you send me a copy of your
".config" file from the "/usr/src/linux" directory? Also, once
you rebuilt the LInux kernel and modules, how did you insert the
modules? In a script? In what order?

What parameters do you give the st module? I.e., what buffer
size, density? Thanks.

Paul Matthews