Re: pre-2.0.32-2 + this patch works for me

Larry M. Augustin (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 10:04:15 -0700

This patch worked well for me. With it I was able to mke2fs a 45GB
raid partition on a system running with 4MB of RAM. Also, I was able
to run iozone and bonnie simultaneously with a kernel compile; no seg
faults, no "couldn't get a free page" reports from kmalloc.

Running davem's previous patch I was able to get try_to_free_page to
fail. The debugging output from try_to_free_page was (from memory):

try_to_free_page(3,0,0): FAIL try(shrink_mmap:shm_swap:swap_out) state[o(1):n(1)] stop[o(3):n(3)]

I will test with SMP next.


>From: Gerard Roudier <>
>cc: Linux <>,
> Linus Torvalds <>
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>Precedence: bulk
>I've added to your patch some very simple changes that seem to me
>enough to fix 2.0.30 memory problems.
>Using this patch, I've been unable to break the kernel doing heavy
>disk IOs, with mem=4M and a swap partition.
>I did'nt try other kernel services that can be affected by this changes.
>In my opinion, the behaviour of linux under memory stress is very
>different using this patch and may trigger problems in some other kernel
>services I did'nt use in my tests.
>As I wrote in my previous mails about this topic, I think it was the
>buffer headers allocation strategy that should be improved and a new gfp
>level seemed to me necessary.
>Regards, Gerard.
>Here's the patch:
>(It is against pre-2.0.31-2 and does not incorporate other suggested
>patches that seem to me useless.)