Re: NS Communicator PR5, JavaScript Help CRASH! CRASH! CRASH!

Jeffrey Wiegley (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 09:45:10 -0700

I know you said "No 'don't use Netscape'" replies. But seriously...

4.0b5 is a piece of JUNK!!!

In case Netscape wasn't listening let me say rephrase that...

4.0b5 is a piece of JUNK!!!

I use it too (shoot me) and it crashes *ALL OVER THE PLACE*. emptying
the trash folder, starting a new browser, opening a newsgroup, selecting
messages, accidentally dragging a hyperlink will do it every time. all
this and more crashes Netscape 4.0b5 and I haven't even tried to use
JAVA yet.

maybe that have some general malloc error that is causing all these
crashes and hopefully they'll have it fixed in 4.0b6

- Jeff

W. Reilly Cooley wrote:
> I've been trying to use the latest PR5 of Netscape Communicator and
> met with
> a disheartening failure. Using the included "Help" system, which
> requires
> JavaScript enabled caused nasty things to happen. Errors flashed by
> having
> to do with malloc on the xterm where I started it. Load avg went
> sky-high.
> Phyical memory and swap completely exhausted. System would respond to
> nothing: CTRL-ALT-DEL, CTRL-ALT-Fx (it did once--but memory was too
> short
> even to do a 'ps' to get the pid so's I could kill the wild process),
> CTRL-ALT-BKSPC. The grinding of my hard disk--the incessant swapping
> about--continued unrelentingly for over twenty minutes (I know 20 min
> b/c
> strangely enough, xclock and xload, unlike every other process,
> continued to
> work almost normally), until I hit the "reset" button.
> My conjecture is that NS attempted to malloc(), thought the return
> value
> indicated that it failed and tried again, and again, and again...
> (And
> then there's copy-on-write.)
> It comes as no surprise to me that Netscape should be malfunctional.
> What surprises me is that Linux was unable to recover. What should it
> have done in such a circumstance? What should _I_ have done in such a
> circumstance?
> Pls. no responses like "don't use Netscape"
> Wil
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