Serious Memeory leak in 2.0.30 with IP aliases

Sean McAdam (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 10:37:07 -0400

Hi all:
Has any one had a problem with kernel memory leakage while using IP
Aliases? I have been having a problem for about a 2 weeks now. Our fire
wall / router machine that we use is a 2.0.30 kernel on a P133/32Megs/2Gb
SCSI 5 Nics ( 3 Tulip chip(SMC8432), 1 SMC Ultra, and 1 SMC EtherEZ. ) It
has been up for almost a year with out a problem up until now. I just
added IP Aliasing and I been having problems ever since ( I just added 4
aliases on one of the tulip chip cards ). After about 16 to 24 hours all
available memory is consumed to the point where I have to hard boot the
machine. The machine never panics, it just degrades to the point where all
processes are useless due to swapping. The only thing running on it is a
proxy server. At first I thought that it could be the fact that IP
Aliasing was loaded using modules. I recompiled with the aliases option
set to 'Y' instead of 'M', and no joy.... I have recompiled several times
and I am in the process of moving back to 2.0.29 to see if that fixes the
problem ( but I will miss the ICMP Masquerade feature :-[ )

I have not been able to test the problem more aggressively since this a
production machine and I do not have a development environment for this.
If the 2.029 does not work I plan on swapping the ISA NICs for something
else. I guess my last resort it to get rid of the aliasing.

If any one has seen this, or you would like more information please e-mail
me. If this is a known bug will 2.0.31 have a fix?


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