Re: journaling filesystem

stephen farrell (
16 Jun 1997 04:02:47 -0500 (Victor Yodaiken) writes:

> On Jun 15, 9:30pm, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> Subject: Re: journaling filesystem
> >On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, geerten kuiper wrote:
> >> Tandem Computers, known for their high availability, do not have a
> >> journaling fs. Audit trail is generated at a higher level (where files
> >> consist of data rather than just a stream of bytes), is handled mostly by
> >> user space processes, and is stored in normal files.
> ...
> >The need for a JFS goes down dramatically if you can't bring down the
> >machine, but we are talking here about machines that you don't even think
> >about below $100k (for the smallest possible configuration of course).
> IMHO, journaling FS's are perhaps not the right answer for
> Linux. A unix FS can be made fault-tolerant by simply introducing
> an inode lookup table in the FS. All changes can be done on
> free blocks and committed only whenthe FS is in a consistent
> state. There is an old paper by Sam Glazer and David Arnow that

But you cannot guarantee that you'll make it through commiting these
changes, so I don't understand what this gains you... at best it
sounds like you'd just be minimizing the window in which a crash will
hurt you.

Perhaps I should see the papers--do you have a reference/URL?