Re: Problems with MB IWILL P55TV and AMD K5-PR166

Joel Philip Jaeggli (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 00:16:37 -0700 (PDT)

AMD's marketing and labeling on these things is seriously disengenuine but
the good side is that if it's running just fine at 133 it's plenty fast.
PR is AMD's way of saying that its the equivalant to a pentium 166 which
is true but nowhere on the chips label does it say that the pr-166 is
supposed to run at 116.6 mhz. It's supposed to run at a 66mhz bus speed
with a clock multiple of 1.75. Your'e successfully running it with a clock
multiple of 2, so if that works you should be plenty happy with your
overclocking experiment. I imagine that at 166 (2.5x bus speed) it would
be one hot puppy.

A table to show the weird CPU speed/bus speed/multiplier relations of the
K5 CPUs is at:

hope that helps...


On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Georg Holzknecht wrote:

> Hello,
> when runnig the combination IWILL P55TV (jumpered for a Pentium 166) and
> AMD K5-PR166 I encounter some problems: Many segfaults and all kernel
> compilations terminate unsuccessfully.
> If the board is jumpered for a Pentium 133 all things work fine.
> Are there any known problems/bugs for this combination
> motherboard/processor?
> Thank a lot for all information
> Georg

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