Re: Modular Loop Driver

Andrew E. Mileski (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 03:13:44 -0400 (EDT)

Thus spake Andrew E. Mileski:
> In order to interest some more beta testers, I've released a loop
> transformation module that does CAST-128 (RFC 2144) encryption.
> It of course requires my latest modular loop patch.
> If you want to test out the loop patch, just send me e-mail. The only cost
> is that I request that you toture test it, and report your results, good
> or bad.

I just threw together an IDEA module (using ASCOM's code).
[See, I told you it was simple to do with the modular loop driver.]

Note: Both CAST-128 and IDEA use ecb. I hope to change this to cbc
eventually. The ecb IDEA is incompatible with cbc IDEA, so it won't
work on anything encrypted with the old (non-modular) loop driver.

Again, send me E-Mail if you'd like to test it out. I'm almost finished
with this puppy, and I'd like to get it out the door soon, but I really
need some feedback first.

Andrew E. Mileski