Re: kerneld/multicast bug (tickled by gated)

Trevor Johnson (
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 11:42:12 -0700 (PDT)

Brian Candler:

> OK, but have a look at the script itself (attached below). There is no file
> /etc/ppp/chat* on the machine, so the script should return immediately. The
> lockup is indefinite, and your suggestion still doesn't explain why kerneld
> doesn't reap its child. There must be a race/bug/deadlock somewhere.

I had problems with that script. Its lock files didn't seem to work
properly. I made some changes to my own copy, which I've attached. I
haven't used it in a long time, and forget whether it works better, or
just has different problems. By using Jacques Gelinas' linuxconf utility
(, I was able to replace
the entire contents of the request-route script with "netconf --connect
dialout" which was trouble-free.

Sue Hares:

> It's not clear that we want to disable pppd in that way
> for general use with gated.

I was just suggesting a workaround based on the assumption that in this
particular case you didn't want to configure or use pppd, let alone
automatic dialing. Moving or renaming /sbin/request-route would also stop
it from being executed.

Alan Cox:

> The request-route stuff is obsolete, broken and not required so its not
> an issue. Its also removed from 2.1.x trees. A user mode tool called diald
> handles all these facilities without kernel aid.

The request-route script Mr. Candler sent is identical to that included
with modutils 2.1.34. The documentation included with modutils does not
deprecate its use.
Trevor Johnson