Re: kerneld/multicast bug (tickled by gated)

Brian Candler (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 01:26:10 +0800 (SGT)

> Disable kerneld or remove the request route rubbish. I've been trying to
> stop people adding it since 1.2, and as of 2.1 I've finally got rid of the
> buggy rubbish.

Alan, do you suggest removing it in the kernel, or in kerneld? I note from
the kerneld source that chmod -x on /sbin/request-route should be enough to
prevent kerneld from attempting to run it.

However, if the bug is to do with the communication between the kernel and
kerneld, I guess it would be better to patch the kernel instead (and
presumably this would be more in line with 2.1)... but then people running
gated under Linux would need a patched kernel. It would be nice to have the
ability to keep kerneld running.